5 Bucks Party Ideas in Sydney

Planning an excellent buck’s party in Sydney is simple. With a little luck and a great idea your buck’s party will be unforgettable. If you haven’t come up with your own idea, and a few beers and the best strippers. The five best buck’s party ideas listed below. Of course you can always incorporate party strippers Sydney into any of these ideas to make them a bit more wild.


  1. Pub tour

Your mates all enjoy a tall, frosty one so why not turn that love of beer into an entire night out? Take a pub tour through Sydney’s oldest and most interesting pubs. There isn’t much to organize for this event, so it’s the perfect option if you’re all the laid back sort. Simply book a tour and let your guide do the rest. You may pick up a historical fact or two so if anyone asks, you’re not just drinking, you’re learning.



  1. Cigar bar send off

Book your event at a cigar bar and you can all relax and enjoy a taste of the high life. Smoke fine cigars, imbibe your favorite spirits and sample plates of delicious hors d’oeuvres. Nothing is classier than an evening being catered to at a cigar bar. You won’t have to bother with door charges or queues so you’ll feel like VIPs all night.


  1. Car racing

If your friend is a car aficionado, you’ve got to book an exotic car racing event. Make it the beginning of an epic weekend, the finale of the trip or the headlining event. No matter how you schedule it, your friends will be talking about it for years to come. After the mandatory safety instructions, be prepared for a thrilling Porsche ride with a professional driver.


  1. Paint Balling

This is one of the most popular party options. Guys love shooting things with guns. We don’t know why, but who cares? A paint ball party will satisfy everyone’s primal urge to target, shoot and destroy! Of course wreaking all that havoc will leave everyone with an appetite, so be sure to arrange for food and drinks to be served on site.


  1. Golfing

If your buddy enjoys golf, give him what he likes. A golf outing is one of the easier events to organize. Get everyone together on the green for a few friendly rounds of this gentlemen’s game. When you’re done and scores are tallied, relax in the club house with some good food and beer. This is the perfect time to play a few rounds of poker before heading out to see where the night takes you.

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